Kusinara wellness is incorporated by Dr.Jetin Anand in year 2010. Which deals with Wellness services like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Music Therapy, Meditation,Herbal Medicine Formulation and research.

Kusinara is a Buddhist name, name of the city where Lord Buddha attained Nirvana. Nirvana is liberation from the misery. Disease is also a misery. Kusinara wellness is a place where one can attain liberation from physical as well as mental miseries.

Dr.Jetin Anand is an Ayurveda Physician holds a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Diploma in Clinical Research, Haffkin Mumbai and a Certified Emergency Medicine Physician.

Kusinara wellness reciprocate the Zen philosophy of life and wellness. Zen wellness is a new concept in herbal medicine. It is an amalgamation of Principle of Indian Medicine and Zen ways of life.

Kusinara wellness has initiated many different types of therapies and come up with some innovatory idea to serve mankind through herbal researched medicine.

Kusinara wellness deals with various new therapies and herbal spa management which is the need of this new age of stressful life and competition.

Kusinara wellness is planning to launch its website www.kusinara.in in coming days which will connect wellness service providers with the potential clients looking for the therapies.

Its an idea to give this industry a new light and to blossom with the co-operation of each other.

Kusinara wellness is planning to set up its own Wellness center and dreamed of having chains of best therapy centers in the world.

The accumulated experience of 12 years is the biggest assurance and matter of confidence that we will grow and achieve the set standards within the range of predicted years.

Its our earnest appeal to our partners to lets come and start a big journey of wellness-dreams and bliss.

Lets connect within-lets go green. Kusinara Wellness-Zen Life Reborn with us