stress is a modern day monster! It is a root cause for the most modern ailments. Whether is high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety,mood swings or depression one will find this stress as a culprit behind it.

What is stress?   
Stress is actually a flight/fight mechanism of body to cope up with fear. But when it is out of control it affect the hosts  body and starts giving trouble physically and mentally. It can lead to heart disease-mental disorders or can affect the performance of work. It can disturb the mental ability to adapt the changes in life hence the social life too gets affected. It can hamper our relationships and inner peace.

How to fight this monster?
Kusinara de-stress programs is a comprehensive solution for it.

We at kusinara are the most advanced stress buster unit working together from different massages-foot massage to internal herbs From music therapy to shirodhara and from yoga-to mediation we have many ranges of treatments to relive you from daily stress.

So lets enhance your experience of healthy life. Lets feel the life more than just living it under stress.

You can book your de-stress regimes at kusinara wellness.

We focus on corporate wellness programs too.

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Sound Sleep  sound mind sound body!


KUSINARA Wellness is a specialised natural healing retreat and commune. Welcome to the abode of Medicine Buddha! Welcome to The Zen Life!

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Our Speciality

Kusinara Wellness has designed some of very special programs which are an outcome of extensive research and they have their own significance of therapeutical use. Welcome to this blissful journey of eternal health!

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