Do you know our lungs and eliminate particles size of ...mcm?

Cigarette have smallest particle of tar and nicotine of ....mcm?

Co2 molecule have size of ....mcm

Do you know our liver can filter... amount of toxin including alcohol and drugs.Kidney can get hampered by  ...

we live in age of machines and industries. Our cities are full of pollutions. Air,water,sound we have contaminated these elements like never before. Our bodies are paying for it. Our vital organs gets damaged. Our lungs,liver,kidney and other organs stops function properly. Their metabolism and activities get hampered.

Our digestive system and end metabolism produces toxic waste which circulates through our system due poor filtration and excretion.

These toxins produces many drastic abnormal changes from early aging due to oxidation to liver and digestive disfunction, tiredness-fatigue stress,lethargy to skin ailments,stress to diabetes and many more.

We at kusinara are the most advanced stress buster unit working together. from different massages-foot massage to internal herbs From music therapy to shirodhara and from yoga-to mediation we have many ranges of treatments to relive you from daily stress.

You need a cleansing..we need a detox for our vital organs.Many time we heard the word detox.

What is Detox? What is Kusinara Detox?

Detox is procedure to remove toxic wastes from our body. At Kusinara we have different methods and therapies to detox your specific system.

Juice Detox
fresh juice made up of selected organic herbs used in proportion to cleanse digestive track and system.

Liver Detox
Herbal Decoction and liver cell stimulant medicine used to detoxify liver cells, which will enhance the function of liver. New cell production and toxin excretion are the main benefits.

Detox for mind
Chants,Music,Meditation are used according to the body type for minds a sanity and serenity. With help of mind detox one can get rid from negative thoughts. It is very helpful to achieve great control on mind. Its a total cleansing procedure for mind. Its also helpful to conquer stress.

Medicine Detox
Medicines and plant extracts used for boosting waste filtration mechanism of our body channels. These medicine will  not only  cleanse the system but also can stimulate new healthy cell formation. By means of that we can stop oxidation and can control early aging.

Air detox
This is a detox for lungs. Breathing exercises and yoga will give your lungs a fresh breath of life.It will increase the capacity of lung function by making lung tissues strong. Whether you are a smoker or not, your lungs will get able to excrete the toxins clogged into it.It will make your lung happy – healthy again.

Ozone detox
this is an amazing detox for your skin. Since your birth your skin gets exposed to so many exetrnal changes and conditions.You can get back lost charm of your skin by using Ozone Detox at Kusinara.

So whether its a day care or customized program you can avail detox services at nearby Kusinara Wellness associates.

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