Water, if you don‘t stir it, will become clear; the mind, left unaltered, will find it own natural peace.‖

Sogyal Rinpoché

Unless you trust,unless you can say yes to the existence,how can you relax? The Moment you can say yes and you can relax meditation becomes natural.

Nowadays we can see a much hype about Meditation in  all over media and professionals providing mind training services. Almost everybody knows the benefits of Meditation. But hardly any knows about how perform and connect with self through meditation.

Meditation an ethereal experience of mind and liberates your mind from the torments of wrong and negative-stressful thoughts.

It is one of the 8 branch of Yoga which is called as Dhyana in sanskrit. Buddha-Mahavir-Patanjali and many sages of ancient India got liberation and enlightenment
from meditation.    

Kusinara wellness offers various techniques of Meditation. Dr.Jetin will get you through a guided meditation and train your mind to relax,trust and connect within.

Once Osho said it rightly, that ' Modern Man is less burdened than his predecessor.He has more comforts,more machines to take care of his manual work,more money and freedom.The only reason he feels troubled is that he has lost touch with himself.And that creates stress.'

You can send enquiries to Kusinara wellness commune. Come lets join with us to this discipline to watch your mind without getting involved in it.

Meditation is a tool to achieve freedom from unconscious.


KUSINARA Wellness is a specialised natural healing retreat and commune. Welcome to the abode of Medicine Buddha! Welcome to The Zen Life!