Todays man live in a stressful life. A life full of competition  and speed. He has many liabilities and responsibilities. He needs to be fit to do his duties well. All the modern lifestyle makes him tired and stressful.Along with that comes fatigue and loss of libido. Your performance is all depend upon your mental-physical wellness and sanity of your mind.

The stress, anxiety and fatigue suck your charm,stamina and strength.

At kusinara wellness we have discovered age old procedures to restore the youth and body strength. Rasayana and Vajikar are the two treatments for rejuvenation and rekindle your desires.The herbal medicines and therapies used by us are nectar for body-mind and soul of men. It stops oxidation by removing free radicals, improves new immunity and halts the early aging caused by the disturbed lifestyle and stress.

The male health boosters like Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera/Indian Ginseng), Shilajeet (Asphaltum), Musli(Chlorophytum borivilianum), Therapies like Uttara Basti(), Yoga postures are like a boon for men's complete health.

It will make your bones strong, correct your metabolism and cleanse your channels hence giving your charm back.

We at kusinara wellness use specific massages and herbs for each body type.


KUSINARA Wellness is a specialised natural healing retreat and commune. Welcome to the abode of Medicine Buddha! Welcome to The Zen Life!

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Our Speciality

Kusinara Wellness has designed some of very special programs which are an outcome of extensive research and they have their own significance of therapeutical use. Welcome to this blissful journey of eternal health!

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