Did you know?

Buddha was a well known practitioner of this yoga, which he most likely learned from the yogis Alara (Arada) Kamala (Alar Kalam) and Udraka Râmaputra (Uddaka Ramaputta). This type of yoga was taught many years before Buddha's birth from an ancient oral tradition/transmission. Buddha's disciples were the first to write down some of these teachings in the sixth century BC, much of which which were incorporated in what today is known as the Pali Canon.

We are introducing Alar kalama Yoga- rightly named after Buddhas Yoga Guru! Yoga is not about exhibition as its been projected since long time. This  is a big mis-conception.Yoga is an ancient and age old practice invented and appreciated by the sages of ancient India.

Yoga means connection and balance of our senses, body, breaths through which one can control his mind and ultimately his wellbeing- inner self!Yoga is just not about body postures and balance, it is much more than that.These  are just a part of it.It is about controlling your mind and its habit and being still. By achieving control over body one can control his mind. Yoga occurs when the machinations, vacillations, perturbations, whirling, spinning, and agitations (habits) of the mind-field gets dissolved, ceased, and become still.
Yoga is a mind body intervention, which has been recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and is largely used in health prevention and care. According to a very recent report of survey, in a different clinical trials published in North American journals of different specialties, 91% of the researches consider yoga a promising instrument for cure, prevention, health promotion and quality of life. Results obtained from researchers on influence of yoga practice on human in Polish scientific centers have shown that yoga practice increases stress resistance, emotional balance, health improvement, mind concentration and attention. Yogasanas are proved to control the metabolic disturbances and hyperkinetic circulatory state through root level.

There are so many different conditions in which yoga works as Nectar to your tired body and mind. Like

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive problem
  • Asthma
  • Spondylosis
  • Arthritis

Some cleansing procedures are necessary before starting Yoga Practice; our body needs to get purified first.How yoga helps people from modern days.

  • You had a bad day in the office?
  • You cant concentrate on your work due to stress?
  • You have a chronic back ache?
  • Have you lost that Zest to lead and succeed in life?
  • Have you ever observed that fatigue when you were back from work?
  • You want to lose some weight?
  • You want some sort of positive vibes in your mind and body?
  • You want some kind of make over of your personality?
  • You are a seeker of truth and life?

You must embarrass yoga! Yes Yoga cleanses ones mind by applying the 8 fold path principles! And What are those?

The practices which are conducive to concentration are eight in number.

  • Forbearance
  • Observances
  • Postures
  • Suppression of the breath
  • Restraint
  • Attention,
  • Contemplation
  • Meditation.

For prevention as well as management of stress and stress disorders and for achieving psychosomatic relaxation, there is no system as effective and far reaching as yoga.

In contrast to negative side effect of drugs, yoga has positive, beneficial “side effect” in terms of  improvement of our psychosomatic health. Yoga postures are proved to control the metabolic disturbances and hyperkinetic circulatory state through root level.

Know your master

Dr.Jetin will be your Yoga trainer in your journey of Yoga. Yes yoga is a journey. One need to travel this path of union of body-mind and soul.

Dr Jetin Anand is there to guide you. He is well versed with yoga postures, Pre Yoga cleansing procedures and Breathing exercises.

Meditation and Music is his forte. He has taught Yoga in Studios Around Mumbai and was attached with Spas for the same.

This is Kalama Yoga the very Yoga what Alara Kalama taught to Buddha!

Sound Sleep  sound mind sound body!


KUSINARA Wellness is a specialised natural healing retreat and commune. Welcome to the abode of Medicine Buddha! Welcome to The Zen Life!