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Dr Jetin Anand
Founder Director Kusinara Wellness PVT LTD


Working with D Y Patil hospital Emergency Medicine department since 2010 had seen more than 50k subjects closely.

He is well Versed with Sanskrit Language and the enthusiasm respect and love for the Sanskrit had led him to pursue carrier in Ayurvedic Medicine.

After completion of the school of Ayurveda Medicine the need of research for the documentation of the treatment and the medicine made him to take admission for Clinical Research Diploma in India’s one of the finest research institute i.e. Haffkin Institute, Mumbai.

He had compiled 2 research dockets on herbs and spirituality & its significance in human health.

Since the Ayurvedic Schooling he started studying the role of spiritualty and Indian Medicinal Principles very closely. He assisted his fellow Gurus from his School in various medicine formation and herbal plants studies described in ancient Indian Medicinal scriptures.

He is also a Yoga Master and holds state level rank in Surya-Namskara (Sun Salutations). After  regular studies and practice of Yoga he has come to conclusion that to treat any health condition one must go dynamically. Means one must apply principles of Yoga & Ayurveda together to get the better result. He doesn’t believe in merely prescribing medicines, practicing Yoga is must for long term benefits and overall health.

His mentor Dr. ShivanandPatil had created curiosity for Music Therapies and since he is an Acoustic Guitar player the very idea use music as medicine appealed and he started doing research on music therapy. Indian ragas, Siginificance Music and its benefits in Ancient Indian Text, New music genres, and many other topics are under research.

He is a certified Singing Bowl Player and ardent follower of Zen philosophy. 

He believes combining all these therapies together can help humanity to achieve liberation from physical and mental agony and diseases.

So he founded KUSINARA WELLNESS PVT LTD to serve humanity, to heal them through Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Music& Herbs. It has Zen Essence and a greater purpose of making this planet a better place to live.

KUSINARA WELLNESS is the outcome of the constant research of 10 years. We wish a better health and a rich spiritual life to every creation of this universe.



Diploma Clinical Research- Haffkin Institute of clinical Research, Mumbai AHA BLS- Sharjah Clinical University

Certified Botox and Fillers Therapies

Clinical SAS,


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