When one thinks about Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Treatments, he automatically thinks about the raw herbs,sticky oil massages,slower results and sometimes bad experiences like no results or just a question mark?

Ayurveda is an oldest way & ancient science of medicine ever known to mankind. It has lost its glory-not because of its own lacking but the continuous misinterpretation and bad mouthing from ignorant people. They spread false opinions about this age old healing science. Sometimes the unfortunate malpractice by the quakes made it difficult to gain the confidence of its own people!

One can find online self proclaimed health Gurus, tons of Products labeled falsely as “Herbal” and they are just looting and misguiding patients-people all over the places.

The marketing Gurus spread a word for such practices. Nowadays we can find thousands of institutes,people,websites who have a questionable authenticity in their approach towards natural sciences of healing but they are practicing it!!

costly diet supplements,fake weight loss products in the name of herbs ,wrong projection of Yoga-Ayurveda,half tested claims has made people just scared of the word “herbal/natural'! We mean it!

Dr. Jetin Anand an Ayurvedic Physician & clinical research associate from Haffkin institutes Mumbai, has come up with an innovatory way and clinically tested therapies for the needy people around the places. He call it as a new green revolution as his therapies and regimes are natural (herbs) and brings mankind close to the inner healthy nature. Its 'Kusinara ' his dream through which he wants to change peoples life by bringing them close to their most healthy inner-self!

Kusinara Wellness

it is a place where one can get a comprehensive solution for ones health ailments without any side effects, without any hustle of city life ,stress and churning process of appointments,schedules. Here one will get a world class research based natural treatments,regimes. Most natural solutions-green solutions!

Range of treatments
like Herbal diet, Detox, Yoga , holistic -herbal spa for stress. Herbs and music therapy for soul! UNDER ONE NICHE i.e. Kusinara wellness!

You can choose your therapy center/retreat. You can choose program as per your convenience.

It is a green revolution. Its a dream. A dream to change the mind of this world. A challenge to make a healthier & most natural change in the life of people. To make people and mankind get connected to their healthier inner self, to connect with the vital energy source within the core of their soul.

So Lets come with me... come lets go within....


Kusinara wellness zen life reborn with us!